CBD Capsules
CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules - What You Need to Know

When it comes to CBD - or Cannabidol, there are many ways to ingest it. The majority of people will be familiar with CBD Oil, or CBD Tinctures.

However, CBD is a merely a chemical compound, so it can be taken in many ways. CBD Capsules are a great alternative to these other methods, and a much easier to use.

Before we dive into this article I want to say that I am not trying to dissuade anybody from using CBD Tinctures, Waxes and oils. These will always be an effective way to take CBD, but sometimes these do have drawbacks.

Disadvantages of other methods

One advantage of smoking / vaping a CBD concentrate is that you can add to the dose easily, and it can be easy to control your dose / potency.

However, for somebody not familar with tinctures, smoking, or vaping, they may run into some unforseen trouble. For me, smoking waxes can sometimes become expensive and damaging to my lungs, even as a former pot smoker.

Most people using CBD for holistic reasons don't actually smoke it. For me having a vape pen was very convinient as well, but once again I ran into issues such as bad pens, charging and leakage problems. I found that it was hard to get the necessary dose, as my lungs were weak.

Its not to say that the problems are hard to solve, and most users will be able to figure it out eventually. However, for someone who is not as able to fumble with these gadgets, or needs something more convenient, there are other options. The good news is that with CBD you are not limited to one ingestion method, so it is good to have multiple options.

CBD Capsules - A great option

CBD Capsules are a great option that has emerged. They have their own drawbacks such as it being harder to control the dose. However, the pills can easily be cut in half, or capsules can be changed.

The benefits of these capsules make them a great option, especially for someone who wants to try it out. The CBD is in the capsule, and your body will ingest it. CBD Capsules give all the same benefits of CBD Oil or Tinctures, but with convinience.

My suggestion is not to depend on one source. If you are truly experiencing benefits from taking CBD, I advise trying CBD capsules as a base source that is easy to use.

In addition, I would consider having a liquid CBD tincture or a vapeable CBD oil on hand, for times when acute symptoms are especially strong. For me this works best. I suffer from moderate chronic pain that lasts all day, so having a CBD Capsule regularly can keep this at bay.

I keep oil handy for times when I need a bit of extra symptom relief. This is much easier because maintaining oil levels and CBD oil stock is much easier when it is not being used constantly.

In the end trying Cannabidol is up to you. If you have not tried it, but are interested in the pain relief benefits, I highly recommend trying some CBD Capsules.

They are completley legal, and companies are offering trials in order to let people try CBD. This is the best option, because you can have legitimate, legal CBD Capsules sent to you. You can try them without having to invest 100$ into CBD Oils and Vape Kits, and see how much CBD benefits you.

Vitalaze CBD Capsules

Keep in mind that when choosing a CBD Capsule, there are ways for labels to be very misleading. A bottle on one website may say 600-700mg CBD, compared to another which might say 25mg or 50mg. However, in this case the 25mg is per pill. For the other amount, it turns out that is actually the amount contained in the whole bottle. In this case, the actual amount per pill could be 10-20mg over a large bottle.

Vitalaze is offering free trials for their powerful CBD Capsules, which range from 10mg-50mg per pill, depending on your required dosage. Try it out, and if it works for you then you can keep recieving their product, or try out other options.

The future of holistic pain relief is here. CBD may not be the only option, but it is the best, and it is changing lives. Try out CBD Capsules and break free from dangerous forms of pain relief!

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