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CBD Hemp Oil, what is the difference?

When it comes to trying CBD Oil and Cannabidiol products, being informed is the key when first starting out. This page will explain the difference between CBD Hemp Oil and CBD Cannabis Oil. Hemp and Cannabis are two separate plants, so the CBD Oil made from them can be different.

To understand more about what these differences are, lets look at the Hemp plant and the cannabis plant, and see what makes each plant unique.

Hemp vs. Cannabis

The plant that is used to create a CBD concentrate has a huge impact on the resulting product. In fact, certain strains of Cannabis are grown to have higher CBD concentrations, so that the CBD oil made from them is higher in Cannabidiol.

Lets look at what makes Hemp CBD Oil and Cannabis CBD Oil different, the underlying plants. Keep in mind that technically CBD is a compound either way, so the compound itself will not have differences from plant to plant. What makes the difference is that CBD is often much higher in Hemp plants, so Hemp CBD Oil will be higher in CBD typically.

Cannabis is typically grown for it's high THC content, and is cultivated typically to support high THC concentrations. Typically cannbis sold legally in colorado is 10-30% THC, while concentrates can be above 60%. Cannabis strains can be grown to favor high CBD counts, but they contain high THC amounts more often than not.

Hemp is different, and the plant is the opposite of Cannabis in some ways. It has a low THC count, and has less psychoactive potential. On the flip side, it is known to be higher in CBD count. Hemp CBD oil is sometimes superior for this reason. CBD does not have the negative side affects that might be associated with THC. It is not suitable for getting high, but Cannabidiol has many health benefits.

Hemp oil is a commonly used product, but should not be confused with CBD hemp oil. Hemp oil is high in CBD content due to the high CBD nature of Hemp. However, Hemp CBD oil is specifically extracted from hemp and cannabis alike, to create a mixture that is high in CBD.

Hemp Oil or Cannabis Oil?

So the question you may be asking is, is Hemp CBD Oil superior? The answer may seem to be yes, but the truth is that CBD Oil with a Cannabis / Hemp mixture seems to be the most effective. It is also the most widely used form, as hemp oil does seem to have many health benefits.

Even though CBD oil extracted primarily from Cannabis may come from a THC heavy plant, the important factor is how it is made. Cannabis plants can be grown to have a high CBD content, and many CBD Oil contains hemp oil and cannabis oil.

Is Hemp CBD Oil Superior

Most CBD Oils used for health benefits, and sold online are low in psychoactive factors. The content of CBD Hemp Oil and CBD Capsules is still dependant on the underlying plants used. However, it should be noted that Hemp oil is different than Cannabis oil.

Truthfully, CBD oil refers to different actual products, but they all share one thing. They are designed to be high in CBD, and both plants, Hemp and Cannabis, are used to make CBD Oil. However, they will typically have at least 100mg CBD content, and low to no psycoactive effects.

Hemp is the plant used in most CBD Oil sold online legally, so most of them could be considered CBD Hemp Oil. Once again the main difference here is the plant, so as long as you understand the difference between Hemp and Cannabis you are set. The only other thing to understand is that this is not black and white. Cannabis can be grown in high CBD concentrations, and cannabis concentrates can be high in CBD.

Also some users who are in states where it is legal to consume higher THC mixtures find that other compounds than CBD add to benefits. However, most CBD Oil for sale online seems to be lower in other compounds.

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